March Into Coaching - Introduction

Coaching marching is about sharing your knowledge and experience, making sport fun and giving everyone a go. You will play an important role in making sure your marchers learn to enjoy sport and physical activity.

This module is designed to help you get started in coaching.

It provides tips on:

  • Your role as a coach
  • Meeting the needs of your marchers
  • Being inclusive and fair
  • Effective communication
  • Games for understanding
  • Running a training session
  • Planning.

Please review the navigation guide before you start. You are advised that this resource is accompanied by a workbook which is to be accessed before you begin the online module. When Marching New Zealand has received and assessed your completed workbook, the Director of Coaching will forward your March into Coaching Certificate, provided you have completed the workbook to a satisfactory standard. Completed workbooks must be forwarded to coach@marching.co.nz. This module and the associated workbook should take approximately 60 minutes to complete. However you can do this module at your own pace, save your work and go back to it as required.


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