• 1990 Marching officially recognised as a Kiwi Sport by the Hillary Commission and Kiwisport was launched in Dunedin
  • 1993 Lochiel of Wellington return to the Edinburgh Military Tatto for the 3rd time
  • 1993 International Challenge (previously known as Interdominion Competition) held in Adelaide, Australia - 1st Technical Team - Academy Guards (Australia) and 1st Display Team High Command (Australia)
  • 1993 Marching given the stamp of approval by NZ Post when illustrated on $1 stamp issued in November
  • 1994 Masters Grade introduced
  • 1994 Temuka Militaires Junior Team of Timaru attended Chingay Festival in Singapore
  • 1995 Shevarn of Auckland represented NZ at the Kurumayam-Kogen Southern Crossing Festival in Nagano, Japan
  • 1995 International Challenge held in Wellington, NZ - 1st Technical Team Lochiel (NZ) and 1st Display High Command (Australia)
  • 1995 50th Jubilee of New Zealand Marching Association held in conjunction with International Challenge in October at Wellington
  • 1995 50th Annual Meeting held in Blenheim.
  • 1997 Lochiel of Wellington invited back to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
  • 1997 Sheveran of Auckland return to the Kurumayam-Kogen Southern Crossing Festival in Nagano, Japan
  • 1997 International Challenge held in Woollongong, NSW,  Australia- 1st Technical Team - Lochiel (NZ) and 1st Display Academy Guards (Australia)
  • 1998 Lochiel invited back to attend Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
  • 1998 Introduction of Competitive (Premier) , Competitive (with participation emphasis) and Recreational grades.
  • 1998 Name change from New Zealand Marching Association to Marching New Zealand Inc
  •  Regional Championships introduced - Northern Plate (Auckland/Waikato/Bay of Plenty), Central North Island Shield (CNIS) (Hawke's Bay/Taranaki/Wanganui/R/Manawatu). Cook Strait Challenge(Wellington/Nelson/Marlborough) and Mainland Challenge (Canterbury/Otago/Southland)


  • 2001 Cook Strait Regional Championship deleted and Wellington joined CNIS and Nelson Marlborough Mainland Challenge.
  • 2000 Lochiel perform at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo held at Westpac Trust Stadium in Wellington
  • 2000 Pioneers of Canterbury attend Brisbane Festival 2000 International Tattoo in Brisbane Australia
  • 2004 Central Guards (Marlborough), Brook Chevaliers (Canterbury), Broadway (Wanganui-R), Waitau and Whitiora (both Waikato) participated in the Masters International Challenge in Sydney, Australia
  • 2005 Broadway (Wanganui-R) and Waitau (Waikato) participated in the Masters International Challenge held in Brisbane, Australia .
  • 2008 Lochiel of Wellington return for their 5th performance at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  • 2012 North & South Island Championships replace Regional Championships