• 1960 Mrs Norma Mangos MBE of Nelson elected the first female President of New Zealand Marching
  • 1961 Parramatta Grenadiers of NSW are the first Australian team to visit NZ
  • 1968 The first NZ Championship for Midget Grade held in Christchurch.  Champion Team Invaders of Manawatu


  • 1972 The first Seddon District Marching Shield competition held between Nelson Bays, Marlborough and West Coast
  • 1977 First Interdominion Championships between NZ and Australia held at Basin Reserve in Wellington, 1st Technical Team - Lochiel (NZ)  and 1st Display Team - Westpoints (Australia)
  • 1978 Interdominion Competition between NZ and Australia held in Adelaide, Australia. 1st Technical Team - Tawhai (NZ) and 1st Display Team - Westpoints (Australia)
  • 1978 Lochiel of Wellington invited to attend Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
  • 1978 The 'official' magazine for marching changes name to Quick Step
  • 1979 Kilmarnock Midget Grade Team of Auckland march at Australian Championships in Perth, Australia
  • 1979 Canadian Guards along with the Continental Airline NZ Power Brass Band representing the City of Auckland tour California and Hawaii


  • 1980 Introductory Grade introduced.
  • 1980 Interdominion Competition held at Lancaster Park in Christchurch, NZ - 1st Technical Team - Tawhai (NZ) and 1st Display Team - Westpoints (Australia)
  • 1980 Southern Centres Challenge Shield established by South Canterbury for competition between Canterbury, South Canterbury, Otago and Southland
  • 1981 Interdominion Competition held in Melbourne, Australia, 1st Technical Team - Acme Pioneers (NZ) and 1st Display Team - McAlpine Stars (NZ)
  • 1981 The first combined NZ Midget, Junior & Senior Championships held in Hawke's Bay
  • 1981 Continental Guards and Continental Brass Band win World Championship Quickstep Display in Holland.
  • 1983 Interdominion Competition held in Hamilton, NZ - 1st Technical Team - McRae Metro Ford (NZ) and 1st Display Team - Acme Pioneers (NZ)
  • 1983 Lochiel of Wellington invited back to attend Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  • 1984 Own choice of music for display introduced, encouraging creative drills and movements enhancing participant and spectator enjoyment.
  • 1984 "Marching in Schools" booklet introduced.
  • 1985 Lochiel of Wellington appointed New Zealand Sporting and Cultural Ambassadors.
  • 1985 Interdominion Competition held in Sydney, Australia - 1st Technical Team - Westpoint (Australia) and 1st Display Team - Canadian Guards (NZ)
  • 1988 Buckingham Guards of Auckland world tour of 32 countries giving demonstrations for the Americas Cup at San Diego & Earls Court Military Tattoo.
  • 1989 Westlanders of Auckland appointed honorary Sport & Cultural Ambassadors for NZ Trade & Tourism at Asian/Pacific Expo in Japan