• 1930's during the Depression, Marching was born in New Zealand, to keep the nation's young women fit and healthy
  • 1932 Wellington Interhouse Marching & Recreation Association was formed and held it first outdoor display at the Basin Reserve
  • 1939 Members of the forces. joined at war's end by returning members of armed services, drawn into the sport, restructuring it based on rigid military style


  • 1945 New Zealand Marching and Recreation Association formed.Mr George Austad elected first President.
  • 1946 The first New Zealand Senior Championships held in Timaru, Champion Team Manahuna of Timaru
  • 1946 First Handbook issued. Post-war marching becomes more feminine and technical.
  • 1949 NZ Senior Championships in Wellington abandoned halfway through competition due to northwesterly gales and torrential rain


  • 1950 Auslebrook March commissioned for New Zealand Marching Assn by Auslebrook & Co Ltd. Music composed by Mr HC Goffin of Wellington
  • 1951 The first playing of the Auslebrook March at a publlic performance in the Botanical Gardens, Wellington by the Port Nicholson Silver Band
  • 1951 The first 'official' magazine for marching was published - Quick March
  • 1952 Blair Athol sea voyage to the United Kingdom and pioneer international travel.
  • 1952 The Auslebrook March recorded in London by HMV, played by the Fairy Aviation Works Band
  • 1953 Grenadiers Guards of Whangarei, Champion NZ Team placing 1st in all 7 sections at the Championships
  • 1953 Grenadier Guards of Whangarei visited Australia and marched at Australian Championships in Singleton (NSW).
  • 1953 Auckland Marching Championships held in conjunction with the Easter Show
  • 1953 Teams throughout the country march for the Royal Tour of the Queen and Prince Philip
  • 1954 First North Island Championships held at Petone Recreation Ground, Wellington.  15 teams competed, Sargettes of Wellington Champion Team
  • 1957 First NZ Championship for Junior Grade held in Christchurch. Champion Team Hamilton City Silver of Hamilton
  • 1958 Sargettes of Wellington visit Suva, Fiji for the Hibiscus Festival giving the first display of marching in Fiji