Coaching concepts

Coaching marching is for anyone who enjoys marching and genuinely cares about the overall development of the marchers in their care. Coaching is not just about improving a marcher's physical performance, it is about the development of them as a ‘whole’ person. The physical skills marchers learn may only be used for a few years, but the attitudes and values they develop towards themselves and others will last for a lifetime.

The important coaching concepts are:

  • New Zealand Coach Approach
    The New Zealand Coach Approach is a term used to describe a philosophical approach to coaching in New Zealand, focusing on who and how, as well as what to coach. The aim of this approach is to create independent confident athletes able to ‘coach’ themselves.
  • Effective Coaching
    The New Zealand Coach Approach recognizes there are many different ways to coach and no single style is completely right or wrong. Effective coaching requires the coach to vary their approach according to the needs of the athlete or group at that particular moment, in that particular situation.
  • Athlete Centered Learning
    Athlete Centered Coaching caters to athletes' needs and understands so athletes are able to learn, are aware and have control of themselves in their sport, it means they are motivated to learn, and have stronger retention of both tactics and skills. Your role as a coach is not to control their learning, but instead facilitate it. Athlete Centered Coaching encourages athletes to become responsible, self-aware and self sufficient. It emphasizes individual growth and change.


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