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Welcome to the website of Marching New Zealand 

Marching New Zealand (MNZ) is the national sports organisation for the administration and development of marching activities in New Zealand.

Marching for sport, leisure and recreation is an activity with embryonic beginnings in New Zealand.

Marching in NZ is an amateur sport that offers participants a strong sense of team spirit and self-discipline.  It heightens powers of concentration and physical fitness, encourages good deportment, pride in grooming and personal achievement and offers musical enjoyment, life long friendships and opportunities of travel.

Want to know more about local marching activities in your local region - contact the Association in your area.

Latest News

Applications for MNZ Appointments close 10th May

Technical Manager, Director of Coaching, Director of Judging

Coaching Accreditation Presenter, Judging Acreditor, Marketing Co-ordinator,

Trophy Custodian, Publications & Merchandising Co-ordinator


Technical Workshop planned for 30/31 August in Christchurch

Mark in your diary now - more details later









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